Zeugma mosaics to be restored
The restoration of the ancient site of Zeugma along the Euphrates River, is being undertaken by a group of 20 volunteers headed by Italian mosaics authority Nardi January 24 — The team of experts who have joined on the excavation at Zeugma aim to restore the recovered mosaics for their exhibition. The 65 mosaics unearthed will be restored by a team of 20 experts supervised the world renown mosaics authority Roberto Nardi. Gaziantep Culture Minister Hasan Eliaçık says that the restoration and the exhibition of the mosaics is as vital and exciting as their excavation. The mosaics which have been transported to the Gaziantep Archeology Museum will be restored in a prefabricated laboratory maintaining the required infrastructure, added Eliaçık. Indicating that a team of experts were necessary for the restoration and care of each piece, Eliaçık also revealed that there were four Turkish experts among the team members involved in the project. Culture Minister Eliaçık emphasized that exhibiting the pieces also required the utmost care, following the restoration stage of these exceptional works of art. He stated that that the additional services building of the Gaziantep Museum is almost completed and other locations are also an option if this building, which is to be opened to public within 4-5 months, is still insufficient to display all these objects of ancient arts and culture. (A.A)
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