Church And Trading Establishment Found In Zeugma
The archeologic al resque digs and rising of the Birecik Dam waters go on together in a very high speed in Belkıs/Zeugma antigue site. Archeologs are working very hard in teh excavations and trying to cover the parts with soil which will soon be covered by water in section B. Dure to lack of time some of the mosaics are being covered by special materials and being left to the waters of the dam. In the B region of the Zeugma city a church and a building which is imagined to be a trading center, has been located. The traiding center has stairs and arched passages. No rich villas like the ones left under the dam lake have yet been located at region B where the digs have been going on for the last two monts. What have been found are some homes of middle class people, a church, a trading astablishment, a family semetary, some jewellery and some small sculptures. (Gaziantep Chanel 27 TV.06.09.2000)
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