Mosaic Smuggled Into USA Is Returned To Gaziantep
The Piece of mosaic which was smugglod 36 years ago out of Zeugma, part of which will soon be buried under the waters of Birecik Dam. Is now brought back and assambled with the main part of the mosaic. The main part of the mosaic was found in 1993 during the ding the Turkish Ministry of Cullture carried out. It was later brought to the Gaziantep Museum and the missing part was inticated by a big questions mark and it was exhibited just like that.
In 1993 it was determined byProf. Dr. David KENNEDY and Gaziantep Archeology Museum that a part of the floor mosaic of the Roman villa which was found in Kelekagzi region hills, was missing Putking a big (?) to the missing part and starting off from the letters in the main part at hand, they came to a conclusion that the missing figures belonged to the immartal lovers Partenope and Metiox. According to the local people the torso of the two figures were stolen in 1964.
The Camadian Mosaic expert Sheila Campbell thought the two figures exhibited at Rice Univercity in Houston/USA could could be of Turkish origin. She took a picture and sent it to the Ministry of Cultur in Turkey and started the process to end years of seperation for Partenope and Metoix. Davezac who came to Gaziantep in 1997 compared the photographs he brought with the place at the Gaziantep Museum and agread that the part they had at Rice Univercity belonged to this piece .
The part that was smuagled out of Turkey was received in Houston and brought to Turkey on June 19 by Esra AKCA who is one of the Archeologs working for the Turkish Ministry of Culture, General Directorship of Monuments and Museums division.Arvheology circles consider and ppreaciate Sheila Compbell and Menil Collection managers attitude a distinquished example for “academic honosty disiplin and professional ethic”
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