World Record In The Zeugma
Archeolog Mehmet ÖNAL states that having found 100 thousand prints in one buildings is a worl record.The largest number of seal prints found in a archeological dig was in Crete by 21 thousand We have the Quadruple of this number. With this number of seal prints it is once again brought to attantion that Zeugma was a very important place it brings up the facts about Zeugma’s commercial structure and amount of customs processes and how ground a city it was detailed research prints will provide information on the commurcation systems, political structure and information on the cities which Zeugma had trade connections. There are figures of Emperors and Empresses of Gods and pictures of clothes used in those days. If the prints are studied carefully it will also bring to daylight all the cities that Rome was connected with. (A.A.05.12.2000)
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