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The number of seal prints found during the Zeugma digs which was carried out by the Gaziantep Archeology Museum that belongs to the Roman State Archives of the period have reached a number aver 90 thousand Archeolog Mehmet ONAL told the AA (Anadolu Ajans) Reporter that they have found the seal prints called “Bulla“ during the digs they have done for the past two yearsin a building they astimate to be the “ state Archives”
He also added that all seals and their prints were now in the Gaziantep Museum for samples to be exhibited. He also said that the seals found could make a source for 10-15 thesis and hundreds of books.
ONAL stated that the prints are very important documents about Zeugma city life. He said “ More research on these prints which used to take on the function of today’s offical red seal or the lead seal which is used for security, will reveal the dimentions of reletionships between the neighboring cities and motropols. These seal prints were used to seal any bags containing sending and were put in the archives as a proof of the deliveriny.
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