Zeugma Will Beat Tunisia
The ministy of state Mr. Mustafa YILMAZ said that when the Zeugma-Belkis Antique site excavations get complated there will be more mosaics then Tunusia which is now considered worlds largest Mosaic Museum, and Zeugma will be the world largest open air mosaic Museum. He also said that all findings are certified according to archaeological codes and added “ In addition the topographic surface underground radar is being used to gother more information about the region and we are in contact with Nasa to be able to get pictures of the region taken from space. Oxford Archeology Group one of worlds best and most professional teams is providing technical aid to the project. The project which is the most comprehensive resque excavation in Turkey is run by south Eastern Anotolian Project (GAP) administration financialy.A.A. 15/08/2000
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