Zeugma exhibition opens in Paris
The exhibition, being staged at the Turkish Tourism and Culture centre in the French capital, was opened by Ankara’s ambassador to France, Uluç Özulkuler, on Tuesday. Saying that cultural history was everybody’s heritage, the ambassador said that Turkey was pleased to protect and promote the ruins of Zeugma, an ancient Roman settlement on the banks of the Euphrates River. Much of the city is now under water, having been flooded with the completion of the Birecik dam. Prior to its being inundated, Turkish and international archaeologists worked frantically to recover as many of the statures, murals and mosaics that adorned the ancient city. Though some people and institutions abroad claimed that Turkey did not protect its historical artefacts and even destroyed them, Özulkuler said that the photographic exhibition served to show the allegations were untrue. (www.ntvmsnbc.com)
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