Excavations at Zeugma to resume
Not only will excavations be resumed on the site, said Mehmet Dogan, the head of the Gaziantep Tourism Authority, but measures will be taken to restore and preserve some sites that were not inundated when the dam was completed in 2001. Among the first sties that will be focused on is the so-called Dionysus villa, on high ground above the dam’s waters, Dogan said. Work is also to continue restoring and preparing for display numerous mosaics that were removed from Zeugma ahead of the waters consuming the more than 2000 year old city, he said. One such mosaic, measuring 800 square metres, will be presented tot he public when a second building for the Gaziantep Museum is opened. While there is still much of the site that has not been flooded, much has already been lost beneath the waters of the dam, giving an added sense of urgency to efforts to save what remains. (www.ntvmsnbc.com)
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